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Welcome to Adaptacorp, a leader in Biological Research.
You are Julia Ambercrombie one of the lead researchers at the institute, you've just
taken a long weekend when you get a phonecall, something is up and you need to get back to
work to check it out.

Miscalculation is an action horror hybrid, with several different game play mechanics:

Navigate the Institute collecting items, and texts to figure out what's going on, get
your research and get yourself out of there alive.

Development history:
Miscalculation has a colourful history, it was originally started under a different name
somewhere around 2014, I worked on it for awhile but had to stop because it was affecting
my studies.

Once I had time again some things had changed and so I ended up working on Pressure City
instead and finishing Galaxy Blazer.

It wasn't until March 2020 that I decided to pick it up again, with my skills gradually
improving over time, I quickly finished it in 3 months but wasn't happy with it, so I
decided to take the time to make it a lot better, now It's ended up much larger, better and
finally it's done after about 14 months development.

(Bugs / Issues: These only happen very ocassionally)

*In decontamination chambers, the sequence won't start. You simply have
to walk out and back in again.

*A weapon will only be half out, put it way with F then get it out again.
*The lighting might be broken,(grass isn't green at start) if so, go back to Title and click
a graphics option, this should fix it.

*Some of the Endings are a bit messy, sometimes things line up, sometimes they don't.
For some reason I built a custom Event System instead of using Unity's Timeline.


Miscalculation is available for windows and linux.


Miscalculation was made using: TrueSpace + Blender for modelling and animations, Unity game engine, Gimp for all
things 2D. It was coded in C# with a little bit of C++ and HLSL.


Recomended Specifications Minimum Specifications
Operating System: Windows 7 and up / Ubuntu 20.04 and up (may work on lower but tested on 20.04) Windows 7 and up / Ubuntu 20.04 and up (may work on lower but tested on 20.04)
Processor: Dual Core 3 GHz/Quad Core Dual Core 2 GHz
RAM: 8 GB 8 GB
Graphics Card: 4 GB 1 GB

Galaxy Blazer has been tested on:
Desktop: Windows 10 Pro, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor 3.59 GHz, 16 GB RAM, 8 GB AMD Radeon (TM) R9 390 Series graphics card.
Laptop: Windows 7 Home, Dual Core 2 GHz processor, 8 GB RAM, 1 GB NVidia graphics card.

I will be testing everything on Ubuntu properly, so far I've made sure it actually starts the game.