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The very latest from Twisted Rose

Welcome to the official Twised Rose website. The home base for all things created by and relating to Twisted Rose.

25/06/2021 Miscalculation Sale

Miscalculation is in the sale.

Also there were a couple of Linux fixes detailed in this forum post.

06/06/2021 Forums added

A dedicated forum has been setup, accesable from the right menu.

01/06/2021 Vast website update

I've finished the site and published the massive update, and also made Galaxy Blazer free, which was the 1st game I ever made in Unity,
it was based on a Unity tutorial game that I got carried away with. Probably took about 6 months, it's been years since I made it so
I've decided to make it free and upload it to the site.

31/05/2021 Miscalculation Release

After an intensive year and a bit of near constant creation I finally finished Miscalculation, it is by far the biggest
project I've ever finished and Twisted Rose's 1st official project.
It was tough due to the scale, and having to try to balance all the different aspects of it, such as: 3D modelling, 2D texturing,
rigging, animating, design, coding all of it's features. Obviously it isn't perfect, but after a couple of months of bug testing
and fixing it should be fairly sturdy, and with the skills I've learned I have plans for far more projects.

10/05/2021 Twisted Rose website created

Created the website's 1st incarnation and put it up online, it was very bare bones but it's always good to get something up.